Payday Auction

Posted by Attigo Online Shop on 2018-01-19 04:02

Payday Auction

1. “LIKE” our Official Fan Page and “Follow” us on Twitter & Instagram  @attigoph


2. Share this post on your social media accounts


3.  Wait for the designated time for our online auction on one of our social media accounts.


4. Once we go Live, you can start with bidding your price in line with the starting price per item.


5.   The highest price bid on an item after a specific time would get the item.


6. We will then PM the highest bidder for details on how to purchase the item.


7. Once you bid, you are ensuring that you are going to purchase the item. If you are the highest bidder and you back out on purchasing the item, you will be banned on the next 2 auctions. The 2nd highest bidder will take the item upon the cancellation of the highest bidder.



8. Standard shipping rates and delivery lead time would apply.