Top 5 TJ Monterde Songs

Posted by Attigo Online Shop on 2018-01-19 04:01

Top 5 TJ Monterde Songs

We’ve all been head over heels with this crooner’s songs (I’m mean who hasn’t?). May it be about heartbreaks or finding the perfect love, TJ has a song for it. His charms and great singing talent makes a perfect combination, that we can’t seem to get enough. Here's our list of TJ Monterde’s top 5 Songs!

Top 5: Mahika




Remember that person in your life that even just their presence could lighten up your whole day?  This song depicts that. The easy beat and his smooth singing voice adds magic as well. A great song for those lazy afternoon spent with your special someone, may it be just you starring in awe at your partner's eyes and wondering what magic they posses that makes your day better when they are beside you.


Top 4: Ikaw at Ako pa rin



Jadine, Kathniel you better watch out, a new power couple is in town! The chemistry of TJ and KZ just put smiles on our face. Their voice blends together well. This song could sing its way to everyone’s monthsary, anniversary or even wedding celebration for it represents, that even if  love has it hardship, lovers would stay together until the end. Here’s hoping that we could hear this song on TJ and KZ’s wedding (We have our fingers crossed)

Top 3: Dating Tayo




Ready your tissues, because you’ll be needing a lot after listening to this song. One of the Hugot songs of 2016 and a song on everyone’s “broken heart” playlists. The songs resonates everyone's pain after a breakup and how we hope to have another chance or just to at least smile once again without the pain. Paired with TJ’s soft  voice and a well written spoken word for the official music video, this song would definitely bring you to tears.  Didn’t I mentioned you’ll be needing a lot of tissue?


 Top 2: Tulad mo




Raise your hand if you wished TJ was singing this song for you! He is bringing Harana back and we all want to be at the receiving end of this song may be it from him or from our special someone.  A song that states how a guy would treat a girl once he gets her heart, something that we Filipinos are very much familiar. Either you want to be the guy that sings this song or be the princess that the song is referring to. Tere's no doubt how lovely "Tulad Mo" is.

Top 1: Ikaw at Ako



The song that made us all notice how a talented singer TJ is. The song for those who believes in soul mates and how lovers are meant be meet each other. It is romantic and nostalgic at the same time. It also makes us want to believe in love and that we will one day found that perfect partner for us, and for sure this song would be played and listened to. "Ikaw at Ako" is indeed one of TJ Monterde’s signature song! Not yet convinced? Maybe the 33 Million views on youtube would make you believe!


Do you agree on our list? Did we forget to add any of his song? Share and comment on what your list would be!