Top 5 Darren Espanto Songs

Posted by Attigo Online Shop on 2018-01-19 04:02

Top 5 Darren Espanto Songs

He can hit high notes (sometimes higher than your grades. Just kidding)   His voice is really iconic. He can sing almost all songs and still make it his own. And not to mention his boy next door charm. He’s a complete package. Of course we are talking about, the one and only Darren Espanto!

We love him here in AttiGO! Here’s our  top 5 list of our favorite Darren Espanto Songs.

Top 5: 7 Minutes


When you first hear this song, you’ll mistake it for an American pop song, but don't let it fool you, it’s one of Darren’s nicest song. A sweet serenade about how someone would fight for love while it’s on the verge of ending. 7 minutes makes the girls wish they were the girl on the Music Video with Darren. 7 minutes a day is not enough for us to listen to this song!


Top 4: Be with me


What would you answer when Darren ask you: “Would you be with me?”? Another song to prove that Darren could be an international artist! Yes this song may lack the signature high notes he usually hit perfectly but the easy beat and catchy melody makes up for it. We could always count on him for a great song!


Top 3: Makin Moves


Bring the beat and start dancing! This song  would definitely make you move. As if being able to sing good isn’t enough, Darren showcased his undeniable talent on the dance floor. Making this talented kid a force to be reckon with. We can’t explain it but this music is makin us move and we gotta see it again!


Top 2: In Love Ako Sayo


Let’s bring it back to the start. The stand out song from his first album is  undoubtedly one, if not, of his greatest song. A classic OPM tunes paired with high ranged voice. This is one of those songs that made us all say “In Love na Ako Sayo Darren!”.


Top 1: Stuck


Honesty time! Okay, the first time I heard this song, I didn’t know it was Darren’s, I thought it was from  Greyson Chance! Then I found out that it was Darren who sang it and I was awestruck! This song is really, really good! The writing is good. The melody is good and singing is just superb! I guarantee you this song would be stuck in you your mind!

Do you agree on our list? Did we forget to add any of his song? Share and comment on what your list would be!

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